The Kent Center Older Adult Services Program

The Older Adult Services Program provides an array of specialized services designed to meet the unique needs of adults over the age of 55.

The Kent Center Individualized Clinical Services
Mental health and substance abuse treatment services.

The Kent Center  Treatment & Support Services

  • psychiatric assessments & evaluations
  • medication evaluation, prescription & symptom monitoring
  • individual, group & family counseling
  • community psychiatric supportive services to assist clients in:
    • developing symptom self-management
    • locating and effectively using and coordinating services available from other social service and healthcare agencies
    • developing and implementing a plan for income maintenance and healthcare insurance coverage
    • other activities necessary to maintain personal stability in the community

The Kent Center Consultation & Education

Psycho-geriatric consultation and training to nursing care facilities staff around the treatment of residents exhibiting psychiatric and/or behavioral problems such as:

  • depression
  • unremitting grief
  • dementia
  • verbal and/or physical abuse of others

The Kent Center Other Specialized Services

Direct care and educational services to clients and healthcare professionals, including:

  • crisis intervention and stabilization provided 24 hours/day, 7 days/week
  • community outreach
  • depression screenings provided in various community settings
  • speaker’s bureau
  • continuing professional education seminars and workshops