Work Units

Daily Life at Hillsgrove House
The clubhouse is built on a work-ordered day. This means members and staff work side-by-side in all areas of the clubhouse to run the program. Through this, work relationships are formed in which members reconnect with themselves, their talents, abilities, and strengths, as well as other members. Most importantly, the work-ordered day provides pre-vocational skills to members and helps to prepare them for work in the community.

Business Unit:
The business unit is mainly in charge of our billing and lunch program. They create and maintain forms, file clinical paperwork, and serve the reception area. This involves answering the phones and signing in members and guests as they arrive.

Education and Orientation Unit:
The members of this unit produce the monthly newsletter, receive and distribute club mail, and act as the orientation team when new members first arrive at the clubhouse. This unit is also responsible for producing the creative journal, which is a collection of original thoughts, short stories, artwork and poems by both members and staff. This unit also produces computer-generated greeting cards to send to members who might be having a birthday, are sick in the hospital, or may not have attended the clubhouse in a while. This unit also provides tutoring, encouragement, and support to those seeking to improve their academic skills or obtain their GED. Those wishing to attend college classes will be assisted with the grant and school application process. Hillsgrove House also works with the Office of Rehabilitation Services for both education and vocational supports.

Environmental Unit:
This unit is responsible for the general upkeep of the building and grounds at Hillsgrove House. The members perform routine maintenance and repairs such as painting, mopping, floor buffing, paper goods inventory, landscaping, and other janitorial related tasks. Members are responsible for keeping the clubhouse healthy and safe for all.

Food Service Unit:
This unit is responsible for running the kitchen and the snack-bar. The members prepare two daily lunch entrees (one for each lunch sitting) and serve members and staff. The work of this unit includes preparing and serving meals, food shopping, clearing tables after mean, menu planning for the month, caring for the vegetable garden, and preparing meals for special activities. The snack-bar provides beverages and snacks for members, staff, volunteers and guests at very affordable prices. Work here includes taking inventory of goods, preparing the shopping list, cashiering, counting change, serving coffee, and more.