About Us

Hillsgrove House is a division of The Kent Center. Established in 1991, Hillsgrove House is based on the clubhouse model, which originated in New York City in 1948 with the founding of Fountain House. Clubhouses strongly promote the concept of membership, a sense of belonging, and the right to self-determination for its members. The foundation of our program is to assist members to achieve or regain the confidence and skills necessary to reach their desired goals through relationships and work. This process involves a holistic approach so that members can effectively take part in the activities of work, school, family, and friendships. New members are always welcome.

The clubhouse guarantees all members:

  1. A place to belong
  2. A right to return
  3. The opportunity to develop meaningful relationships
  4. The opportunity for meaningful work

Hillsgrove House is certified by the International Center for Clubhouse Development (ICCD). ICCD clubhouses are founded on the realization that recovery from serious mental illness must involve the whole person in a vital and culturally sensitive community. A clubhouse community offers respect, hope, mutuality, and unlimited opportunity to access the same worlds of friendship, housing, education, and employment as the rest of society.

The International Standards for Clubhouse Programs consensually agreed upon by the worldwide Clubhouse Community define the clubhouse model of rehabilitation. The principles expressed in these Standards are at the heart of the Clubhouse Community’s success in helping people with mental illness to stay out of the hospitals while achieving social, financial, and vocational goals. The Standards also serve as a “bill of rights” for members and a code of ethics for staff, board, and administrators. The Standards insist that a Clubhouse is a place the offers respect and opportunity to its members.