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CEO’s Message # 5
Why “Organizational Development” is part of our new name

The first four articles dealt with:

  1. The reasons the Board of Directors decided to change the name;
  2. The mission and guiding principles that will continue to steer the agencies operation;
  3. A summary of the core services that the Center is committed to for adults with severe and persistent mental illness;
  4. What we mean by “human development.”

This message explains why “Organizational Development” is part of our new name.

The Kent Center is a large and complex organization. With over 260 staff and a multi-million dollar budget, the Kent Center reaches out to all segments of our community. Over the years, we have been asked to provide our expertise to help other organizations grow and prosper. We are skilled facilitators, using the storyboarding process to build common goals and visions among diverse groups. We are trained mediators who help organizations and people in conflict to find common ground. We are trained in nonviolent conflict resolution helping people learn the skills of being both pushy and peaceful at the same time. We are qualified to offer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator which is a powerful psychological tool to help people understand themselves and others, value diversity, and build strong teams and businesses.

The Kent Center is affiliated with experts across the country who make up our adjunct faculty and who we can call on to assist us in meeting whatever challenge your business or organization may be facing. From strategic planning, to management information systems through human resources, team building, outcome measurement, Quality Improvement, coaching, stress management, employee assistance programs and career counseling, The Kent Center is the place to turn when both human and organizational or business needs must be met. Our “Wrap Around” approach custom fits our services to your organization’s need. We build effective work teams in your business, help you to evaluate the outcomes and build self -sustaining success through the thoughtful application of our expertise in understanding human beings and systems.

Call us at The Kent Center to discuss how we can help you, your workforce and your business to meet the challenges that lie ahead in this rapidly changing world. We will help you asses the challenges you and your organization face, initiate the intervention that will get people working together with a common vision, teach your workforce to solve new problems when they arise and prevent future problems through teamwork and planning. The Kent Center is the one-stop shopping center for your organizational development needs.