Capital Campaign

The Campaign for The Kent Center is a Capital Campaign to support the purchase of our new flagship building, construction of which was completed in July of 2007. The Kent Center will initially lease and, with the completion of a successful Capital Campaign, ultimately purchase the building. The total financial need is $7.3 million. Our Capital Campaign Goal is to raise $1.6 million as an initial down payment. Remaining funds will be generated through operational revenue and loan financing. The long-term cost savings of attaining this important Kent Center asset will be significant and will allow us to focus our resources on providing effective, compassionate care for people facing behavioral health challenges, for many years to come.

If interested in learning more about The Campaign for The Kent Center, you may call David Lauterbach, President & CEO, at (401) 691-6000, x220.

“We are truly fortunate in Rhode Island to have an organization like The Kent Center, which has served as one of the trailblazers for quality mental health care in our state. I know The Kent Center, both by reputation and personally, to be wholly dedicated to their mission of improving the quality of life of all those they serve. Throughout the years, I have met many people assisted by the Center and have heard their personal stories of successful recovery. For these reasons, I am very excited to serve as an Honorary Chairman for this important Capital Campaign.”

Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy