Annual Appeal

October 30, 2009

Dear Friends,

Perhaps you have already heard the statisticsone in four adults will suffer a diagnosable mental disorder in any given year, yet only 1/3 of those will receive treatment. Researchers estimate that 19% of school children exhibit symptoms of severe emotional disturbance, yet only 1% are referred for service.

This is unfortunately the current state of affairs, but it does not need to be our future. Solutions exist. With proper treatment, men and women can get well and regain their footing in the world, and children can heal and experience healthy and happy lives and bright and prosperous futures.

Through a wide range of behavioral healthcare services, including intensive counseling services, case management and psychiatry, The Kent Center provides the pathway that helps those struggling with issues of mental health, substance abuse and emotional trauma to know, often for the very first time, what is possible for their lives.

We know that with treatment recovery is indeed possible. Young girls with histories of emotional, physical or sexual abuse gradually gain self-esteem and ultimately learn how to have healthy and supportive relationships free from abuse and degradation. Teen boys who face emotional challenges and act out aggressively in school begin to control their behaviors, progress in their studies, and graduate on time. Men and women who wage the battle with addiction acquire the coping skills to take one day at a time, and in the process repair the severed bonds of family and friends. And adults who suffer with persistent mental illnesses such as bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia discover that, with treatment , they can progress in their recovery and attain their goals and aspirations, such as a good job, an education, a place of one’s own, the pursuit of hobbies, and the development of hidden talents.

At The Kent Center, we assist over 4,000 people annually; yet, we know that there are thousands moreone in four of your neighbors, your co-workers, and perhaps even your own family memberswho remain in need of treatment. They are, however, very often uninsured or underinsured for behavioral health services. So, we are writing to you today and asking for your support. We hope that you will consider a financial contribution to our Annual Fund, which directly supports the programs and services of The Kent Center. Your contribution will help to provide the treatment that can truly make all the difference in the lives of thousands of our neighbors battling behavioral health challenges. With your support, they too may discover all the possibilities that life has to offer. Thank you very much and all the best to you and yours.

Sincerely yours,

P.S. You may make an online credit card donation by clicking on the button below. You may also make your contribution to The Kent Center through your employer’s United Way campaign, the federal employees’ campaign (CFC), and the state employees’ campaign (SECA). Additionally, The Kent Center will receive a percentage of The Feinstein Foundation’s Annual $100,000 Give Away Challenge for gifts received in November and December, so make your gift today!

Landscape, still life or abstractyou choose!
If you make a donation of $100 or more you may receive one of the above prints. Simply select which one you like and note your selection on the donation form. We will mat the print and mail it to you.

Art was created by The Kent Center’s Roberts Street Artists. Enjoy the art and thank you for your support!




“I truly thought there was no hope for me. That was before coming to The Kent Center. When people ask me how I am and I say, ‘fine,’ it’s true for the first time in my life.”
— Jeanne N., Client


“I had a difficult time controlling my thoughts and emotions and would become very depressed or angry. Getting involved with The Kent Center has been a beautiful experience for me. It has helped me to organize myself so that I can be a better Dad. And being a good father is the most important thing in my life.”
— Ron A., Client


“After my son’s time at The Kent Center, I have a very different little boy.”
— Joanne, Proud Mother