The Kent Center 12-12-2002

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On December 12, 2002, David S. Lauterbach, President/CEO of Kent County Mental Health Services [now The Kent Center], was presented with CEDARR’s Leadership Roundtable Award:

In recognition of your commitment and vision in coming together with other agencies to incorporate Family Solutions, the second CEDARR Family Center in Rhode Island. Your perseverance and commitment to the goals of the Leadership Roundtable and the CEDARR initiative have enabled the development of services and supports for Rhode Island children with special health care needs and their families.

Family Solutions CEDARR was certified by the Department of Human Services on September 17, 2001. Owned and financially supported by the Quality Care Company, LLC, Family Solutions CEDARR is managed by Family Service RI under a management agreement initiated in September 2001.

Family Solutions CEDARR is a program designed to to be a place where families can get information, explore their experience of parenting a child with special challenges, examine their needs and priorities, and be supported in making the best decisions about care for their children. CEDARR services are targeted to families with children who are challenged by Autism, Development Delay, Medical Issues, Medical Technology Dependence, and/or Behavioral Health Issues.

CEDARR stands for: Comprehensive/Evaluation/Diagnosis/Assessment/Referral/
Re-Evaluation. Families experience support and help in creating a care plan to meet the needs of their child and the entire family. The family care plan is designed to reflect the family’s choices, priorities, and needs.

Family Solutions CEDARR serves families from across the State and provides services in the location requested by the family (home, school, community, etc.). One of the primary goals of the program is to link the medical, educational, legal and any other areas of a child and family’s life together into a plan that can be understood and shared by all.