The Kent Center 09-13-2004

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September 13, 2004


Contact:  Michael Lichtenstein, Vice President for Development
401-738-1338, ext. 212

International Center for Clubhouse DevelopmentWarwick, RI The Kent Center for Human & Organizational Development (formerly the Kent County Mental Health Center), has been informed by the International Center for Clubhouse Development (ICCD), that Hillsgrove House has been certified for a period of three years.  This is the highest level of certification awarded by the ICCD.  To achieve this level of recognition, a program must substantially adhere to each of the seven categories of the standards established by the ICCD.  These categories include Membership, Relationships, Space, Work-Ordered-Day, Employment, Functions of the House, and Funding Governance and Administration. This marks the fourth certification awarded to Hillsgrove House by the ICCD.

According to David S. Lauterbach, President/CEO of The Kent Center, “Hillsgrove House is a club that creates a restorative environment for persons with a mental illness that allows them to become fully functioning and respected members of their community.  We are proud of the Hillsgrove House staff and members who worked together to achieve such an important recognition”.

Jan Lorensen, Hillsgrove House Director, along with the staff and members, have created a recovery-based clubhouse that allows the full potential of each person served to be realized.  Visitors to Hillsgrove House can see wonderful things happening for those involved.

The acknowledgment packet sent by Joel D. Corcoran, ICCD Executive Director stated, “Hillsgrove House is a strong clubhouse program, focused on continuing to build the best clubhouse possible. Hillsgrove House should be proud of its accomplishments.”

The Kent Center is a not-for-profit organization with several locations throughout Kent County RI. They have been providing a wide array of mental health and substance abuse treatment services since 1976.  Hillsgrove House, one of their many programs located in Warwick, RI is a rehabilitative clubhouse community offering vocational, social, and educational opportunities and support to persons struggling with the symptoms of mental illness.

The ICCD located in New York, was founded in 1994 to promote and protect the rights, opportunities and future of psychiatrically disabled men and women who are members of clubhouses all over the world.  To fulfill their mission, they established and manage a program consultation and certification process from which Hillsgrove House has benefited since its inception.

For additional information about The Kent Center or Hillsgrove House, contact Michael Lichtenstein, VP/Development and visit The Kent Center web site,